Anabuki Business College Japanese Course

Anabuki Business College Japanese Course

Since 1990, Anabuki College has welcomed students from 28 countries. Our program provides balanced training in reading, writing, listening, and speaking, for a full and well-rounded proficiency in the Japanese language.

Course Features

  • Each class has a homeroom teacher who provides thorough guidance and a learning pace suited to the aptitude of each student.
  • Due to the school being part of an educational foundation, students are able to take advantage of special student discounts.
  • Since the school is within a college group, there are many opportunities for exchange with Japanese students, bringing contact with the culture within easy reach.
  • Special discounts or exemptions may apply when enrolling in an Anabuki College vocational studies course.

Anabuki College is the largest network of professional colleges in mid-western Japan, and we are constantly striving to expand our network in order to meet the educational needs of our ever-changing community.

We are pleased to provide a high level of expert training for tomorrow's professional in business, computers, beauty and esthetics, design and architecture, pet care and training, Japanese manga and graphic art, bridal planning, automotive repair and maintenance, medical administration and nursing, and many other fields.

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