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Access Map

  • Sunport

    Seto Inland Sea

    Great view of the Seto Inland Sea!

  • Ace One Market

    Sunport Takamatsu

    The symbol of Takamatsu overlooking the sea. The view from the observation deck is exceptional.

  • Mitsukoshi

    Ace One Supermarket

    Inexpensive and conveniently located. Here you can find those necessary food items for single living.

  • Regional Legal Affairs Bureau(Bureau of Immigration)

    Legal Affairs Bureau
    (Bureau of Immigration)

    This is also nearby and necessary for re-entry permits and visa renewal.

  • Ritsurin Garden

    Takamatsu Marugame
    Machi Ichi Ban Gai

    A popular place for weekend shoppers.

  • Daiso 100 Yen Shop

    Daiso 100 Yen Shop

    A great place for overseas students.

  • Marugame Machi Green

    Marugame Machi Green

    Fashion, variety, food… a shopping area with many stores and services.