Campus LifeCampus Life

As a student enrolled in an Anabuki Business College Japanese Language Course, you will be able to attend our many exchange events we have throughout the year with other colleges in our group, which will provide opportunities to come in contact with Japanese life and culture.

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  • April April Event

    Spring Entrance Ceremony
    Flower Viewing

  • May May Event

    Study Excursion

  • June EJU

    Short-Term Training Program (acceptance)

  • July July Event

    Japanese Language Proficiency Test
    International Exchange Party

  • August August Event

    Summer Vacation (approx. 1 week)

  • September September Event

    Sports Day
    Fall Vacation (approx. 3 weeks)

  • October October Event

    Anabuki College Festival
    Fall Entrance Ceremony

  • Nobember Nobember Event


  • September September Event

    Japanese Language Proficiency Test
    Christmas Party
    Winter Vacation (approx. 2 weeks)

  • january january Event

    Emergency Drill

  • February February Event

    Japanese Presentation

  • March March Event

    Graduation Ceremony
    Farewell Party
    Spring Vacation (approx. 5 weeks)

  • Cultural Exchange Party

    Cultural Exchange Party
    Here you will meet Japanese students attending Anabuki vocational schools in the area and many other people who live nearby. It's a great chance to make lots of Japanese friends!

  • Sports Day

    Sports Day
    Sports Day gives students a chance to refresh their spirit while strengthening ties with their new friends and the school staff.

  • Bus Hike

    Bus Hike
    Students visit area facilities, factories, and tourist attractions, deepening their understanding of Japanese industry and culture.

  • College Festival

    College Festival
    Food booths are set up with a variety of foods from many countries, all waiting to be sampled. Our overseas students' cooking is always a big hit.

Club Activities

Club Activities