Career Introduction Career Introduction

Graduate Schools

  • Kagawa University
  • Takamatsu University
  • Tokushima University
  • Niigata University
  • Kansai University
  • Kobe City University of Foreign Studies
  • Kokushikan University
  • Osaka Sangyo University


  • Osaka University
  • Kyushu University
  • Nagoya University
  • Yokohama National University
  • Niigata University
  • Fukushima University
  • Wakayama University
  • Okayama University
  • Kagawa University
  • Ehime University
  • Kochi University
  • Osaka City University
  • Shimonoseki City University
  • Aoyama Gakuin University
  • Nihon University
  • Kansai University
  • Kwansei Gakuin University
  • Ritsumeikan University
  • Kanagawa University
  • Aichi University

Technical Colleges

  • Anabuki Patissier & Welfare College
  • Anabuki Technical College
  • Anabuki Business college
  • Anabuki Computer college
  • Anabuki Beauty college
  • Anabuki Design college
  • Anabuki Animal health techniques college
  • Anabuki Medical college
  • Tokyo International Business College
  • Nippon Engineering College
  • SEIFU Institute of Information Technology
  • Digital Arts Tokyo
  • Tokyo Mode Gakuen College of Fashion & Design
  • Tokyo Designer Gakuin College
  • Tokyo School of Music & Dance
  • Osaka Information and Computer Science College

Graduate Students' Messages

Kunwar Suran from Nepal

Now working in Japan ! at AEON RETAIL Co.,Ltd.
2013-2015 Anabuki Business College Japanese Course Takamatsu
2015-2017 Anabuki Business College International Business Course

I started working in April, and it’s very different than my former part-time jobs. I am now expected to make my own decisions, but along with greater responsibilities there is also greater job satisfaction. Since I have just started there are so many things to learn, but I am working to someday see Aeon open for business in my home country, Nepal.

PHAM THI HAUfrom Vietnam

Now studying ! at Anabuki Pâtissier & Wel fare College
2015-2017 Anabuki Business College Japanese Course Takamatsu
I am enjoying a busy life in Japan, studying nursing, Japanese writing, and working part time at a nursing home. I realized that I like taking care of others when I was working part time at a nursing home during my Japanese course years. Try to become a caregiver in Japan if you’re interested in caregiving. Working as a caregiver in Japan can broaden your knowledge and your world!


Now working in Japan ! at kagawa TOYOPET co.,ltd
2012-2014 Anabuki Business College Japanese Course Takamatsu
2014-2017 Anabuki Technical College Automotive Maintenance Course

I want to become the international automobile mechanic, and I want to be able to repair all kinds of the car all over the world. And I want to establish the automobile maintenance company and automobile mechanic school in Nepal after I get enough experience as an automobile mechanic in Japan.